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Riding the Rails

I’ve ridden the train here and there. I used to ride Amtrak on the Capitol Corridor up to Sacramento every so often. I’ve ridden the Coast Starlight to points north and south like Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles. I’ve also ridden trains in India from Chennai to Mysore and back.







I had opted on this train ride to upgrade to the 1A AC Coach which meant I got to sit in a lot of comfort for the many hour ride from Mysore to Chennai.

AFT and I discuss this mode of transport often and we both have decided its something we truly enjoy doing.

Then there is the one I missed. I missed riding clear across the country in 2010. I had booked travel for myself to attend the 2010 Linuxcon in Boston. Returning I decided to take the rails from Boston to Chicago to Denver to Reno to Emeryville. I had bought the rail pass and actually got all the tickets. Booked rooms and downloaded walking tour info for each of the routes. Then it crashed because of work. I had to go to India and do something that I felt only I could do.

I’m still going to do this last trip though. I will still fly to Boston and then train back all the way. Its another journey of finding, seeing and doing.

Why not try riding the rails sometime dear readers? If you are in Chennai, you probably ride the MRTS and I did that almost daily for months. The longer distance India rail journeys are really cool though and they have bundles or packages which you can check out here. I still get email from them because I have a desire to ride the rails in India again.

If you’re here in California, there are lots of interesting destinations which you can look at which originate from either Oakland or Emeryville. Check out using the train as a means of seeing the inbetween of here and there. To me, that’s the part of travel that the rail over-achieves. You can see the mode better. The destination will come along soon enough.

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