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If its Saturday Morning…

It must be Chennai. If I were in the Bay area it would still be yesterday evening. Confusing? Not if you are here with me :). I woke up a bit early today due to perhaps jetlag but after a great dinner with the office colleagues from Singapore and Fremont at the hotel. Now I’m preparing for the weekend voyage to Pondicherry. We’ll be gone a single night and then back tomorrow at the hotel. Back to work Monday which is a holiday in the states but not for us. I’ll be in India until Wednesday and then I fly back into Singapore for a few days of meetings.


I have personal time for some days in Tokyo. I chose Japan because it was easy to get a flight routed there and I simply love Japan. Tokyo is one of those cities you can wander around for a day, get lost, jump a cab, and come back. I did this in the way back machine and I’ll be doing it next weekend too.

This trip has been quite productive thus far and I’m very excited about the progress we have made on a few fronts. I’ll be catching up with this from Pondicherry over the next day or so.

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